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What if your confidence was unshakable and irresistible?

What if you could approach and meet any woman you'd like at anytime without fear?  What would that confidence do for your lifestyle?


Rejection Proof Man

& The Fearless Approach



Official, full access NOW AVAILABLE for both.  (There will be an additional component still added to each or so).


Multi-component transformational program.  Just listen to the audios and experience more authentic confidence as your approach anxiety and dysfunctional rejection disappears around powerful and beautiful women.


Get Both &

'RPM +& The Fearless Approach Powerliminals

(this program will remove the resistances, anxieties and fears you have to mastering approaching and connecting women.  You only have to do 100 approaches to master it, not 1000's suffering through fear.  This format does most of the work for just keep meeting new women and become truly fearless and confident.

90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Just $397 $197


1-Time Only Charge


Erase the negative effects and trauma of 'rejection' from your life and rarely experience real rejection anymore (and when you do it's from a non-effect of 'no-deal' relationship so it doesn't hurt you).


RPM program includes DIRECT rejection statements (and empowered male responses) from 2 hot women and transformational work we'll be doing with it in the audio program. 


Both Long Play versions are over 2 hours of transformational audio with NEW, fresh content (TFA & RPM).


OR get them solo

'The Fearless Approach Powerliminal [TFA]'

Transformational Program Online

90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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 OR Solo


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'Rejection Proof Man Powerliminal [RPM]'

Transformational Program Online

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90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Just $197 $127


*90 Day Money Back Guarantee*

This product is officially for entertainment or informational purposes.  It has not yet been validated by any Doctor nor is a certified replacement for professional psychiatric help.   No guarantees of the level of healing or transformation can be implied.  You are responsible for any and all changes in your reality and health.  Results may vary for everyone.  Either way 90 day refund is available.


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