Get Specific Problems Resolved NOW With These 2 New 'On-Demand' Coaching Audio Programs

Get HOURS of DIRECT, practical coaching level advice and solutions to create instant breakthroughs in your life for less than the cost of a 1 hour session with Rion. 


It's a solid investment in your own transformation and life that will keep on giving AND still has a 90 day money-back guarantee.  So why not breakthrough NOW!? 


Program 1:

Natural Grounding Breakthrough Coaching

(Inaugural Package)

4 HOURS of Transformational Audio Coaching


Includes expanded set of 12 real world issues that men are going through.  In-depth experiential insight and solutions from Rion that will break you through big hurdles to get more power and value out of your Natural Grounding starting tonight.


There is very high level insight in here that overall will shave at least 500 hours off of a Natural Grounding time curve.  In otherwords it will fast forward you that much which is an investment in yourself.


Download sample to see the level of transformational quality:


'If I'm supposed to value the 'natural', what about boobies?'


And grab the full program risk-free here:

Natural Grounding Breakthrough

Coaching Audios $297 

Launch Price Now >> $147arrow


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Are you a single man?  Why not also grab this program as well and give it a shot for only $1?  More details below:


Program 2:

33 Dating Solutions for Men

6 Hours of Audio Coaching


Coaching advice audios for you all with an authentic, natural outlook to help master your dating life. 


Practical, direct, usable and relevant insight into common to challenging dating and attraction scenarios, issues or blocks. 


Topics covered include:


How do I attract the woman I want?

What about average women who act like they’re the hot stuff and the ones I want are even further away..?

What's better than 'faking it 'til I make it'?


How to cure porn addiction

Dating multiple women casually


How do I date hotter women?

[download this as a sample of the audio coaching]

What if she brings a friend on a date?


If we had this great rapport, why won't she call back?

[download this full answer as a sample of the 33 audio coaching]

How do I know when to approach her?

I’m an older man getting out of a divorce or LTR and getting back in the saddle, what's your best advice?

What do I say when I call a woman?


Yes Rion is teaching more open dating advice's not just about high level transformation although that world is really updates to both Self-Awakening and dating are coming out soon that will evolve things in a new direction..listen for updates on the mailing list. 

Dec. 21st = major announcement.


Only $1 for all 6 hours now on a 3-day trial (subject to change to full price).

If you get both programs, it is around 10 hours of audio coaching!


33 Dating Solutions Audio Coaching

 $297  Launch Price Now >> $1*



Try it out for 3 days before you're charged.



*If you DON'T want to keep this program, no problem just let me know within 3 days ( rion @ otherwise you'll be charged a 1-time $147 automatically in 3 days so you can fully try it out.


Even then it will still have a 90 day money-back guarantee so you can just put it to use to see for yourself how good this professional advice is in your life. 


Check out and then get your access online.  You may have to enter a username for a quick registration if you're not in the system.


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