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Thanks for checking this probably already know and love Natural Grounding for what it does.


For many years we've known Natural Grounding as working with women who were in 'natural' alignment with the flow of life force attraction and creation.


You were the yang to her yin.  N.G. has helped 1000s of men around the world cure their anxieties, have chemistry with women and much more.


But what if you haven't bridged the connection with our independent, socially empowered Western women?


What about women who AREN'T 'natural' and you're having a hard time bringing it out of them?


Yes, I have a program on that (NG2Real Attraction) but even still, a lot of Western men still have issues 'bridging the gap' with the women in their city and the EMPOWERED ones.  The ones that many other men also 'desire'.


Enter: Western Natural Grounding


Your KEY to massive, open social connection and ease.


It's ALL THE POWER of Natural Grounding and more because it requires you to massively evolve to actually have top-level connection with empowered Western women where there ARE NO RESISTANCES.  You're just cool with them.


WNG is a practice on its own that you can do for free for years forward.  So I'm introducing it now in the form of this inaugural training program based on my experience and insights with this.  Then, you'll be able to do it on your own.  Yes, you're leveraging years of my world-class, leading insight in this area.


WNG is a POWERHOUSE of transformational value at your FINGERtips. 


Watch things open up for you socially like crazy.


There's almost no other way but to evolve when you do it and you will actually go through releasing TONS of conscious and subconscious energy blocks and resistance that have been keeping Western women away from you no matter how hard you've tried.


There's nothing like WNG and it's definitely not a normal consumer experience of entertainment.  This is the power where you can become EQUAL to that of power of rockstars and moviestars


That value is in this training which brings up the dynamics, insights and practicality of WNG itself off of the evolutionary things I've been doing that will rock your world.  Multiple transformational and healing modalities are covered for the first time ever in this program applied like this for real change you'll want to KEEP mixing into your sessions.


So give it a shot for yourself.  It's got a 90 day money back guarantee and either way you'll be able to get started with Western Natural Grounding and experience the PRICELESS and expanding benefits in your reality.


What price can you put on that? 


And if you want to evolve and aren't as valuing of success and connection with Western women, this will expand your spiritual and personal growth practice by far.  I'll be using it professionally with performers to access far more power through the Law of Resonance; power that exists not just sexually but SOCIALLY.  Here, in this program we work on that level of power and influence so you can become equal to it all..THAT is when 'you're in' and the people who you envied aren't 'above you' anymore but rather where you are WORTHY and confident yourself in the West.


STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to have traditional Natural Grounding experience yourself first before you get into this.  It is VERY high level stuff that you won't find anywhere else.


Let's empower your life and lifestyle!  This is a gift that keeps on givin'.


You get 1 audio and 1 video..about 2.5 hours of original, new content total; content that can change your life and connect you in the West by far.  It is based on spiritual accuracy (put it to the test); we're just bringing it in for massive relevant connection and transformation that has never been done before.


Discover Western Natural Grounding!  I'd love to hear your successes.  And just in case you didn't know if it was real, YES Western women behave very naturally and openly flirty around me when they're close without me having to do anything. 


In fact, it's even MORE power and value in your favor when you're socially and sexually 'connected' b/c there are FEW in the West who are equal to the POWER OF Western women on those levels.  You can be THEIR evolution.  See how evolutionary this all is for yourself!




p.s. remember that once you have it, this is experiential value that KEEPS on giving since you can use Youtube for your Western Natural Grounding (although still recommended to support the artists by buying their resources whenever possible).


"BRITNEY, MADONNA, SHAKIRA?  Grounding to them???  Either Rion's crazy or he's onto something ENTIRELY next level (and what it can do for my social life and confidence)."
---See for yourself!


This information page may be upgraded after

launch week to go into more details. 



(I sent you this mail from one of my other accounts, but you must have not received it. I've been having a few problems with it. Anyhow, I thought I'd try and send it to you again. Cheers.)

"So, I've gone through the video portion a few times and the audio portion once, When I first bought it and gave it a try, I was thinking, "Ok, so Rion is telling me to do the same natural grounding, but with 'western' media?" and "Is Rion doing a 180 and marginalizing everything else he's taught over the last few years?" I was pleasantly surprised to see that what you call WNG is NOTHING like I thought it would be, and it's probably, in truth, exactly what I needed.

It was like you said. I was averse to 'western' media (even though I couldn't escape it, and secretly kind of enjoyed it), but I was left with this back-lashing "double-edged sword" kind of energy, where I was felt like my mind was walking a tightrope because of the dichotomy I created between natural/alpha and "western" stuff. Hell, even when I went out, I noticed that I created massive separation within myself, and I'm sure some people I interacted with felt that something was 'off' about me.

Watching your program made me realize how judgmental I was being on a subconscious and really sneaky level...I started welling up as I was doing the "3-2-1" exercise. It was like a big WHOOSH of relief to get that shit out, because some of the things I was holding on to were exactly the same things that would hold me back from my normal NG sessions, and would hold me back in real life..

This is some real "coming full circle" stuff. I haven't felt this powerful and grounded in myself in quite a while. This program, upon my first few impressions, really hit me in the gut, and I'm sure it'll really help with my growth as a man and a person going forward."  -GM

This is an investment or gift in yourself that will pay off priceless dividends in your personal, sexual and social life from here forward releasing YEARS of disconnection, pain, envy or distaste towards Western women.


"My first thought was: "What the hell... he got xxx Dollars for this simple audio and video file?" But then after listening to your audio and just began with the video (I'm not finished yet) I became a turbo motivation to clear out everything. Started with people I already know, with good friends, with my family and now I'm doing a clearing with Lady Gaga. I also started with porn stars. It's great. People already look different at me and much more energy is coming back to me. It seems, like I was holding back so much energy while I projected it on other. Thank you".



*90 Day Money Back Guarantee*

So put it to full use and see for yourself!  Just let me know within 90 days if you want a refund. 


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'Western Natural Grounding Primer'

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This product is officially for entertainment or informational purposes.  It has not yet been validated by any Doctor nor is a certified replacement for professional psychiatric help.   No guarantees of the level of healing or transformation can be implied.  You are responsible for any and all changes in your reality and health.  Results may vary for everyone.  Either way 90 day refund is available.


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